Celebrating 2023 Milestones

Congratulations to all our employees and owner operators who have reached Years of Service milestones with our company in 2023.  Also being recognized, our drivers and owner operators for the year(s) of Accident-Free Driving and non-preventable cargo claim milestones.  We want to give a special congratulations to Robert Yablonski, who has reached 20 Years of Accident-Free driving with Payne.  We will be presenting the Years of Service awards at our Gala on November 24th.  The Years of Accident-Free Driving awards will be presented to our drivers throughout the month of December at head office and our Winkler branch.

Celebrating 2022 Milestones

Congratulations to all our employees and owner operators who have achieved Years of Service and Safe Driving milestones.


Celebrating 2021 Milestones

Payne Transportation Ltd. is excited to recognize all those who have achieved milestones in Years of Service and Years of Safe Driving.  Over 129 milestones are listed below for the 2021 year.

We are very excited to recognize Rae Kern as the first driver to achieve 20 Years of Safe Driving with Payne Transportation Ltd.  Congratulations Rae!  In December, everyone listed below will be receiving their awards.


2020 Driver of the Year

WINNIPEG, Man. – Payne Transportation Ltd. is proud to announce the winners of the “2020 Driver of the Year” award in their respective categories. 

Deck Division:  Isaak Neufeld
Dry Van Division:  Bryn Lewis
Specialized Division:  David Wiebe

Also, being honored as Driver of the Year Runner Up awards are:

Deck Division:  Daniel Bondar & Yashandeep Mangat
Dry Van Division:  Nigel Burgess & Byung Taek Park
Specialized Division:  Christer Gustafsson

2019 Driver of the Year

WINNIPEG, Man. – Payne Transportation held its annual awards gala Nov. 29, recognizing drivers who exemplify the best when it comes to safety, service, and community.  Three drivers were honored with Driver of the Year awards in their respective categories.

In the open deck division, Abraham Bissessar took home the top spot, with Brian Kemp and team drivers Cornelia Hartmann and Andreas Weisse named runners up.

For the van division, Nigel Burgess was Driver of the Year, while Byung Taek Park and team drivers Keum Ko and Hakim Kim were runners up.

The specialized category saw William Schroeder take the top prize and David Wiebe and Christer Gustafsson named runners up.

The selection process involves drivers being nominated by Payne’s operations team, then being vetted by the safety department, and finally voted on by the executive advisory committee. With 17 submissions this year, the nominating committee introduced a new format for selecting Driver of the Year by honoring a winner in three categories and naming two runner ups.  During its gala, Payne Transportation also chooses a charity the company will support with its silent auction fundraiser. This year, proceeds from the raffle will be donated to the Children’s Wish Foundation.

More than 160 drivers, mechanics, and office staff from Payne attended this year’s awards gala.

Payne Transportation Ltd Celebrates Service, Safety, and Honors Driver Of The Year at Annual Awards Gala

L to R: Thomas McKee, Patrik Anias & Tom Payne Jr.

Staff and drivers at Payne Transportation came together on Friday November 23 to celebrate the accomplishments of another successful year in business and to recognize employees celebrating milestone anniversaries and drivers achievements in safe driving!

The event was held at the Hilton Airport hotel in Winnipeg and was attended by over 140 of Payne’s drivers, mechanics, and office staff.

Annually, the highlight of the gala, is the announcement of the “Payne Transportation Driver of the Year”.   The selection process for the driver of the year involves being nominated by the operations team, vetted by the safety department to ensure they qualify, and then voted on by the Executive Advisory Committee.

The finalists were announced and recognized at the awards gala.  They were, Gordon Reimer, Christer Gustafsson , Patrik Anias, Byung Taek Park and Peter Wiebe.

Out of this group of finalists Patrik Anias was selected as the  2018 Payne Transportation Driver Of The Year.

Patrik has been an owner operator with Payne since August 2015 and was chosen because of his dedication to hard work, his support of his fellow drivers and the fact that he will do whatever is asked of him.  He has even rescued other drivers when they need help! Once when another driver had major tractor issues on the east coast, and when asked if he’d run team after he delivered and finish delivering the driver who broke down…his response was “no problem”.   Patrik is always willing to help out his fellow drivers, he also bailed out another driver one time and delivered a 12 drop California load all in one week and all while ensuring he maintained compliance with his e-logs.

Tom Payne, President of Payne Transportation states “In the next couple of years, our company will be approaching our 20th Anniversary, and I can’t express how proud I am of everyone at Payne for their commitment to our company’s success!”  Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this year, we look forward to another successful year in 2019.”

Darlene & Jacob Hiebert receive the 2017 Driver of the Year Award

Payne Transportation Ltd. celebrates safety, service and a passion to give back at annual awards gala.

Payne Transportation employees came together on Friday November 24 to celebrate the achievements of another year in business at their annual awards dinner and dance at the Hilton Hotel in Winnipeg.

The event was attended by over 160 of Payne’s drivers, mechanics, and office staff to celebrate those who have committed to making safety and service a priority and to recognize individuals who are celebrating milestone employment anniversaries.

The highlight of the gala, was the announcement of the Payne Transportation driver of the year. The selection process for the driver of the year involves being nominated by the operations team, vetted by the safety department to ensure they qualify, and then voted on by the Executive Advisory Committee.

The finalists were announced and recognized at the awards gala, They are:, Patrik Anias, Dilpreet Bilkhu, Jean Paul Friesen, Jake & Darlene Hiebert (team drivers), Iain Iverson, Dan & Linda La Fond (team drivers) Efim Lanstein, Isaac Letkeman and Alex Melnik.

Out of this group of nominees Jake and Darlene Hiebert were chosen as the 2017 Payne Transportation driver(s) of the year.

The annual celebration also included a silent auction to raise funds for Siloam Mission, a local organization that alleviates hardships and provides opportunities for change for those affected by homelessness. For the past 3 years Payne has been able to raise $7,500 toward the organization through this auction and this year was able to raise another $5,000 to add to that total.

“Our annual gala is a celebration of our drivers and staff to recognize them for their innovation, service and leadership, but we also work toward celebrating change for the better to help improve the quality of life in the communities in which we operate” says Payne Transportation President Tom Payne.

Items for the silent auction are donated by Payne Transportation’s customers, vendors and suppliers.

2015 Driver of the Year


Left to right: Tom Payne Jr., Linda & Menno Falk, Eva & George Giesbrecht, Josie & Robert Feenstra, Michael & Sandie Condie, Bryn & Maria Lewis & Thomas McKee

Payne honors Menno Falk with the 2015 Driver of the Year Award.

2014 Driver of the Year

Daniel PretaliPayne celebrated its 2nd Annual Awards Gala and had over 200 attendees present at the Hilton Suites Winnipeg Airport, Daniel Pretali was awarded Driver of the Year for 2014.  Daniel received a gorgeous crystal tractor/trailer personalized to him.  Greg Ashcroft of Connexion Truck Centre surprised Daniel with a beautiful framed picture of his tractor (pictured above).

Last year Daniel received the 1st runner up to Driver of the Year and continues to be someone who stands out amongst his peers.

July 2014 – Driver of the Month

Congratulations to Terry Hiebert (3153) for July 2014’s Driver of the Month.  Terry drives for our specialized commodities division (SCD), dispatched out of Winkler.  In recognition of this award, Terry is now sporting a Driver of the Month Melton Leather jacket.  He also receives a gift certificate for Tim Hortons.

Congratulations to all our nominees for outstanding service in the Month of July, they are:

Alexander Melnik (537), Isaac Letkeman (3216), Eric Lussier (3256), Michel Huard & Chantal Cote (4472), Christer Gustafsson (3261), Andreas Wiesse & Cornelia Hartmann (201), Steve & Lawrence Kroeker (3257), Josh & Jessica Singer (4475) & Steffen Saupe & Wiltrud Grotjahn (209).

All nominees will receive a gift certificate for Tim Hortons… please contact Thomas at the Winnipeg branch for details.  For those on the list that dispatch out of the Fort or Winkler, please see either Tim or Helmiene for a gift certificate in your area.

***Driver nominations come by way of; letters of recommendation from customers, dispatch etc.  Once a nominee has been picked they are graded on safety, log books, paperwork quality (i.e.  how diligent they deliver PODs, trip sheets etc.. via Transflo).