Certifications & Affiliations – SmartWay, RPM Certified and many more


Payne Transportation Ltd. is always striving to conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner.  We continue to use best practices and invest in technologies to reduce our carbon footprint; reducing greenhouse gas emissions & improving fuel efficiency.

We utilize GeoTab as our telematics provider.  Geotab provides valuable data on how our equipment is performing.  This now enables us to improve areas of concern in excess idle, excess speed etc.   We have also partnered with Drivewyze and equipped all power units with this technology.   This makes our fleet more efficient, reduces time wasted at scales, saving us fuel and ultimately cutting tons of CO2 monthly.

Payne Transportation Ltd. is a recognized member of  SmartWay Transport Partnership, (a voluntary collaboration between the EPA and the freight industry to increase energy efficiency while striving to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution).