Customs Certifications

Payne Transportation Ltd is FAST certified, including C-TPAT, PIP, and CSA certifications. This allows us to offer our customers expedited and hassle free clearance across the border. Our drivers have all been instructed to take extra security precautions when dealing with your load.

We strongly encourage our customers to consider applying for these programs. In this day and age, both US and Canadian Customs officials scrutinize loads far more than in the past. This increased inspection may cause detention and possibly delay your product. By joining FAST, your company has taken the necessary security steps to prove to Customs that your freight does not pose a threat and your product will be allowed expedited clearance across the border. If your company is already FAST approved, we encourage you to identify yourself as such in order for us to provide the best possible service.

As a post-audit carrier, Payne Transportation Ltd is also able to assist you in clearing your loads. Our drivers are familiar with a variety of requirements and programs for successfully crossing the border including PARS, PAPS, and CSA. Our company is also fully compliant with all US Customs ACE requirements and have implemented procedures to have 24/7 coverage for this program.

Payne Transportation’s C-TPAT SVI number is:  payNor04977

Customs Self Assessment (CSA) Certificate

Free And Secure Trade (FAST) Certificate

Partners in Protection (PIP) Certificate

C-TPAT Letter