On the Road to Quality: Identifying Improvement Opportunities

Successful companies need a well-thought business plan accompanied by individuals who are committed to providing their customers with their very best.  This in essence is what defines the “On the Road to Quality” program.  One of the sections which helps create the program’s success, is the ability to Identify Improvement Opportunities.  This page exists to give our fellow employees and owner operators a way to give input on how to:

  • achieve Total Customer Satisfaction
  • ensure Safety is not compromised
  • drive out waste

Our success is driven by providing the best service in the safest and most productive way.  We recognize that we cannot reach our goal unless we involve everyone in the process of continuous improvement.  We want everyone to find new and creative ways to achieve success.  

“Everything we don’t do right the first time we must redo, correct, replace or repair.  The cost of doing things wrong is substantial.  Not only do we waste hard earned profits, people can be hurt.

We are committed to:

  1. Identifying opportunities for improvement
  2. Respond with recommendations to improve
  3. Take corrective action on the recommendations
  4. Follow up to ensure a new system is in fact working

Below is our “An Opportunity for Improvement Form“, we look forward to reviewing your suggestions.  We’re committed to getting feedback to you asap and thank you for helping us to make Payne Transportation Ltd. a leader in excellence in everything we do.

You are an expert in your work and understand best how to get the job done efficiently and effectively. When you contribute to improvement in your workplace, everyone achieves more.

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