From the desk of Tommy

Tom Payne Jr.President’s Message

Welcome to Payne Transportation Ltd. and thank you for taking the time to visit our site.

Over the years we’ve evolved into one of the country’s leading single source partner for transportation, consultation, and project management.

The passion and experience of our employees across all divisions enables us to provide customers with simple and seamless solutions to all your logistics needs.

Quality customer service is what drives us.  We see all customers as our partners and by taking the time to understand your business, we are able to bring innovative ideas to the table and add value to your entire supply chain. I would like to thank our customers, many who were there from the very beginning, for trusting us to partner with your business.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the ladies and gentlemen who are dedicated professionals responsible for delivering, in one form or another, goods of all kind to the doors of supermarkets, furniture stores, building materials and our homes.

Driving is often be a thankless job that requires workers to be often away from families and friends. Their dedication, sacrifice and hard work, is why we have a supply chain North Americans can rely on. I’m very proud of the years I was fortunate enough to have driving a rig, but my passion for the business started long before that. Washing and servicing rigs is where I learned to love our business.

Remember, if you got it, a truck driver brought it.

Finally, to my teammates, thank you for making Payne Transportation your last stop in your career. We are only successful because of our people.


Tom Payne