March 2014 – Driver of the Month

Congratulations to Michael Horsfield (526) for March 2014’s Driver of the Month.  Michael drives for our dry van division, dispatched out of Winnipeg.  In recognition of this award, Michael is now sporting a Driver of the Month Melton Leather jacket.  He also receives a gift certificate for Tim Hortons.

Congratulations to all our nominees for outstanding service in the Month of March, they are:

Michael Condie (189), Christoph Kruger (312), Richard Wonnacott (170), Brent Sorokowski (116) & Neil Dean (545).

All nominees will receive a gift certificate for Tim Hortons… please contact Thomas at the Winnipeg branch for details.  For those on the list that dispatch out of the Fort or Winkler, please see either Tim or Helmiene for a gift certificate in your area.

***Driver nominations come by way of; letters of recommendation from customers, dispatch etc.  Once a nominee has been picked they are graded on safety, log books, paperwork quality (i.e.  how quick they deliver PODs, trip sheets etc.. via Transflo).

Michael's Tractor - 526

Michael’s 2013 Volvo