February 2013 Driver of the Month

Gerald Kehler

Congratulations to Gerald Kehler (516) for February 2013′s Driver of the Month.  Gerald receives a Driver of the Month Melton Leather jacket and a gift certificate for lunch at “Sun Valley” in Winnipeg. 

Congratulations to all our nominees for outstanding service in the Month of February, they are:

Vitali Iovu (517), Kelly & Garry Friesen (430), Gerald Frampton (437), Ron & Liz Robertson (1470), Raymond Swan (579), Sam Hofer (3252), Robert Malo (3909, Michel Carriere (188) & Doug Chamberlin (3202)

All nominees will receive a gift certificate for lunch… please contact Thomas at the Winnipeg branch for details.  For those on the list that dispatch out of the Fort or Winkler, please see either Howie or Cathy for a gift certificate in your area.