TRANSFLO have got you covered!

Payne Transportation LP has contracted with Pegasus/ TRANSFLO to get all of your documents in easier, faster and with more certainty than in the past.  We have all the options avaliable to our drivers; TRANSFLO Express and TRANSFLO Now!  What is the difference you ask? 

TRANSFLO Express allows you to have your documents scanned at 900+ truck stop locations throughout the country and get immediate confirmation that the documents have been sent.

TRANSFLO Now is a remote scanning application that offers the same timely delivery and accuracy as TRANSFLO Express while allowing drivers to scan and deliver documents at anytime, anywhere. With this in-cab scanning solution, documents can be scanned from the truck cab, home, office or any other location where the application has been downloaded and installed.

In addition, with both these options, you will be able to log onto the Internet and not only view your documents, but also see exactly when they were delivered to Payne Transportation LP.  This process is integrated with our billing and payroll systems, helping to ensure accurate, on-time settlement of your trips. 

The graphics below give you more detail on how to utilize the different services we’ve arranged for you.  Just click on the picture.