Special thanks to all our Sponsors for Children’s Wish

L to R: Thomas McKee, Susan Wiebe, Aimee Rich, Dale Bjorklund, Haylie Payne, Christina Matias, Mark Dobbs, Nicole Pacheco, Shaylee Dueck, Tom Payne, Sheldon Novak & Peter Bonneville

Payne Transportation Ltd. would like to thank the many sponsors (logos below) who helped make their 6th Annual Gala & Awards night one to remember!   Employees and owner operators joined together to celebrate the many achievements in Safety and Years of Service.  The Children’s Wish Foundation was the charity that Payne choose to support and raise funds for this year.  With the proceeds from the raffles, Payne presented Aimee Rich of the Children’s Wish with $4,000.00 donation!  Special thanks to the Gala team (pictured above – Andrea McNicholl was not available for picture) who worked tirelessly to make this night such a success.   Check out the photo gallery from the celebration 

Payne Transportation Ltd Celebrates Service, Safety, and Honors Driver Of The Year at Annual Awards Gala

L to R: Thomas McKee, Patrik Anias & Tom Payne Jr.

Staff and drivers at Payne Transportation came together on Friday November 23 to celebrate the accomplishments of another successful year in business and to recognize employees celebrating milestone anniversaries and drivers achievements in safe driving!

The event was held at the Hilton Airport hotel in Winnipeg and was attended by over 140 of Payne’s drivers, mechanics, and office staff.

Annually, the highlight of the gala, is the announcement of the “Payne Transportation Driver of the Year”.   The selection process for the driver of the year involves being nominated by the operations team, vetted by the safety department to ensure they qualify, and then voted on by the Executive Advisory Committee.

The finalists were announced and recognized at the awards gala.  They were, Gordon Reimer, Christer Gustafsson , Patrik Anias, Byung Taek Park and Peter Wiebe.

Out of this group of finalists Patrik Anias was selected as the  2018 Payne Transportation Driver Of The Year.

Patrik has been an owner operator with Payne since August 2015 and was chosen because of his dedication to hard work, his support of his fellow drivers and the fact that he will do whatever is asked of him.  He has even rescued other drivers when they need help! Once when another driver had major tractor issues on the east coast, and when asked if he’d run team after he delivered and finish delivering the driver who broke down…his response was “no problem”.   Patrik is always willing to help out his fellow drivers, he also bailed out another driver one time and delivered a 12 drop California load all in one week and all while ensuring he maintained compliance with his e-logs.

Tom Payne, President of Payne Transportation states “In the next couple of years, our company will be approaching our 20th Anniversary, and I can’t express how proud I am of everyone at Payne for their commitment to our company’s success!”  Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this year, we look forward to another successful year in 2019.”

Tom Aldridge receives the Associate of the Year Award

Payne Transportation Ltd. honored Tom Aldridge of IG Wealth Management with the Associate Of the Year award.  Pauline Wiebe-Peters, V.P. of Finance & Administration for Payne and a MTA Board Member presented Tom with this award at the 2018 MTA Fall Awards Gala.  To learn more about the award, please click here.


Payne Transportation Ltd. named a Top Fleet Employer

Payne Transportation Ltd. has been named 2 years in a row as a Top Fleet Employer.

Please click on the link to read the full press release

Press Release.

Generating a Leadership Path for Women in Trucking

Payne Transportation is pleased to announce that our VP of Finance, Pauline Wiebe Peters, who has been a board member of the Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) for the past 6 years has recently been elected as the only female currently serving on the MTA’s Executive Committee.  

The Board of Directors sets policy for the MTA and the Executive Committee is a sub-committee of the Board that oversees the staffing and financial operations of the MTA.

As members of the MTA, we are incredibly proud of Pauline for her dedication to the industry and the steps she is taking  to promote women in leadership roles in the trucking industry.  Those who are elected to  the MTA Executive Committee often become a President of the MTA and serve a two year term.

Congratulations Pauline!

Darlene & Jacob Hiebert receive the 2017 Driver of the Year Award

Payne Transportation Ltd. celebrates safety, service and a passion to give back at annual awards gala.

Payne Transportation employees came together on Friday November 24 to celebrate the achievements of another year in business at their annual awards dinner and dance at the Hilton Hotel in Winnipeg.

The event was attended by over 160 of Payne’s drivers, mechanics, and office staff to celebrate those who have committed to making safety and service a priority and to recognize individuals who are celebrating milestone employment anniversaries.

The highlight of the gala, was the announcement of the Payne Transportation driver of the year. The selection process for the driver of the year involves being nominated by the operations team, vetted by the safety department to ensure they qualify, and then voted on by the Executive Advisory Committee.

The finalists were announced and recognized at the awards gala, They are:, Patrik Anias, Dilpreet Bilkhu, Jean Paul Friesen, Jake & Darlene Hiebert (team drivers), Iain Iverson, Dan & Linda La Fond (team drivers) Efim Lanstein, Isaac Letkeman and Alex Melnik.

Out of this group of nominees Jake and Darlene Hiebert were chosen as the 2017 Payne Transportation driver(s) of the year.

The annual celebration also included a silent auction to raise funds for Siloam Mission, a local organization that alleviates hardships and provides opportunities for change for those affected by homelessness. For the past 3 years Payne has been able to raise $7,500 toward the organization through this auction and this year was able to raise another $5,000 to add to that total.

“Our annual gala is a celebration of our drivers and staff to recognize them for their innovation, service and leadership, but we also work toward celebrating change for the better to help improve the quality of life in the communities in which we operate” says Payne Transportation President Tom Payne.

Items for the silent auction are donated by Payne Transportation’s customers, vendors and suppliers.

Kel-West Carriers Ltd. becomes part of Payne Transportation Ltd.

We are excited to share the news that Kel-West Carriers Ltd. has become part of the Mullen Group of companies effective February 1st, 2017.  Kel-West Carriers Ltd. will be a division of Payne Transportation Ltd.  

Kel-West Carriers is an international cross border flatbed carrier operating for over 42 years.  They have 23 Owner Operators and approximately 10 full time employees.

 The decision to have Kel-West operate as part of Payne Transportation was due to the symmetries of both carriers operating as primarily an owner operator based organization.

“The addition of Kel-West gives us the opportunity to expand into the BC market with an existing solid brand. “Said Tom Payne, President of Payne Transportation. “After meeting the team at Kel-West, we quickly saw they are a company that shares our values and brings to the table a knowledgeable staff from which we can learn and grow, they will be a great addition to our team” adds Payne.

Renewed Mission For Payne

Payne Transportation opened its doors for business over 16 years ago. During those first few months we developed our Mission, Vision and Values that we lived by as we successfully grew our business.

Our Mission
We will Provide Quality, “over-the-road” transportation services that exceeds our customer’s expectations
Our Vision
We will expand our business through sustained and controlled growth that will continue to provide financial success to our company, employees and owner operators
Our Values
We will conduct ourselves with integrity, respect and excellence in everything we do

16 years ago, these were leading edge statements and very innovative. However; today, they stand for what we were more than who we are and who we wish to be. We long ago reached our vision and it is therefore no longer a vision. Our values have been copied by many and in fact are now a given in today’s world, in order to succeed long term. Therefore, we decided to review our statements at this year’s Leadership Conference and developed new ones that don’t change who we are, but define it better. A new vision to aspire to, and values expanded to include our integrity within. We are pleased today to introduce these new statements to you all. If we remember these statements and apply them to everything we all do, success will always be ours and our future bright.

Our Mission
Our life is the Highway, it is our culture; we are the driving force in providing transportation excellence
– We felt our life really is about the highway. It is part of our culture and it’s what we do. We wanted to integrate our slogan into our mission statement.
Our Vision
To be the leader in providing innovative transportation solutions as we grow our business, while maintaining our culture
– We wanted to set the bar high…we are a leader in innovative transportation but we want to be the leader. And we don’t want to ever sacrifice our culture in getting there.
Our Values
“No Payne, No Gain” is used to hold ourselves accountable to our commitment to high standards and excellence in everything we do
– Our Mantra has always been “No Payne, No Gain” but what did it really mean to all of us. We wanted our values to show clearly what it means. We hold ourselves accountable. We will go above and beyond to ensure success for all stakeholders…Employees, owner operators and our customers and never sacrificing to do so.

Learn them, live them… in everything you do.

15 Years of Service Award


Left to Right: Tom Payne Jr., Robert Yablonski, Ron Barron, Joe Storozuk, Peter Bonneville, David Bangartt, Don Neumann, Karen Veldkamp, Robin Veldkamp, Pauline Wiebe & Ron Webster

Congratulations to all those receiving their awards for 15 Years of Service.

2015 Driver of the Year


Left to right: Tom Payne Jr., Linda & Menno Falk, Eva & George Giesbrecht, Josie & Robert Feenstra, Michael & Sandie Condie, Bryn & Maria Lewis & Thomas McKee

Payne honors Menno Falk with the 2015 Driver of the Year Award.