Payne Transportation Ltd. wins the Best New Entry Award for North American Occupational Safety & Health Week

Payne Transportation Ltd. was presented with the North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Award for Best New Entry for their activities during NAOSH week May 7-13, 2017.

Judy Murphy, President and CEO of Safety Services Manitoba (the award sponsor), presented the trophy to Peter Bonneville, Director of Safety for Payne Transportation Ltd. at the SAFETYS gala on Wednesday, September 27 at the Victoria Inn Hotel in Winnipeg.

“Payne Transportation Ltd. had activities planned for each day during NAOSH Week. Events included participating in Steps for Life, sponsoring the official NAOSH Week Winnipeg launch, providing on-site fire extinguisher training, and holding a fire drill. Payne also partnered with the staff at the Manitoba Trucking Association and organized a blood donation drive to support those who needed blood as a result of a workplace injury” stated Murphy during her presentation.

“To finish their action-packed week, they had their staff write down why they make safety a habit on a card, and produced a video montage of all the responses. They accomplished all this in their first year of participation in NAOSH Week!” she added.

L to R: Judy Murhpy, Peter Bonneville & Minister Blaine Pederson

“We are honored to have been selected for the Best New Entry Award” says Tom Payne, President of Payne Transportation Ltd.  “Workplace safety is all encompassing as we believe it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.  For us NAOSH week was a perfect opportunity to renew that message by getting all employees engaged in workplace safety & health activities.”

Payne Transportation Ltd. named a Top Fleet Employer!

Payne Transportation Ltd. named a Top Fleet Employer!

Top Fleet Employers is a national program which recognizes the importance of having sound HR policies and practices in the trucking industry.

It distinguishes fleets that offer the best workplaces in Canada’s trucking industry, as reflected in the broad range of human resources policies and programs that they have in place.

Fleet employers self-nominate and participate in a rigorous three-part review of their human resources policies and programs. The review includes the completion of a comprehensive online application that is supported by a hard-copy submission, a Trucking HR Canada survey of the company’s employees and follow-up discussions with the company.

The review assesses the scope of an employer’s formal HR policies and programs in four key categories: Basics, Respect, Training and Family.

We take great pride in creating a work environment and culture that fosters success, and we are honored to be noted for our outstanding workplace practices and standards. 

Congratulations to everyone at Payne Transportation Ltd. for the role you play in our overall success! 

L/R: Tom Payne Jr. & Thomas McKee


Click here to view the full release from Trucking HR Canada..



Payne Transportation celebrates safety, service and announces Driver of the Year at Annual Awards Gala.

Payne Transportation held its annual awards gala dinner and dance on Friday November 25, 2016 at the Hilton Airport Suites in Winnipeg.

The annual gala is the opportunity to come together as a large group and celebrate the achievements of the drivers who have committed to making safety a priority and to recognize those individuals who are celebrating years of service milestone anniversaries.

At the gala, one driver is selected annually as the Payne Transportation Driver of the Year.  This individual exemplifies what is means to represent Payne’s high performance standards and commitment to excellence.

The 2016 Payne Transportation Driver of the Year is owner operator, John Unrau.  John has been with Payne for over 4 years.  His peers say that John is a great ambassador for Payne Transportation in all aspects of his job, he is a dispatcher’s dream to work with and constantly supersedes what is expected of him.

There were 6 finalists out of many nominations for 2016 Driver of the Year. They were, 1st Runner Up, Brian Kemp and finalists, John Bekus, William Friesen, James Wall, and Mark Little.

L-R, Peter Bonneville, Tom Payne, Thomas McKee, Tanya and John Unrau and Andrea McNicholl

L-R, Peter Bonneville, Tom Payne, Thomas McKee, Tanya and John Unrau and Andrea McNicholl

President Tom Payne says “Congratulations to all the drivers celebrating years of safe driving and those celebrating 5, 10 and 15 years of service.  We know that in this industry achievements like this are not without hard work and a dedication to continuous improvement, hence our mantra …. No Payne No Gain”

Payne Transportation employees open their hearts and wallets for local charity at annual awards gala.

At the end of November each year, Payne Transportation celebrates its annual awards gala dinner and dance.  

For the past three years, the gala celebrations included a prize auction to support a local Winnipeg organization called Siloam Mission. Siloam Mission provides meals, clothing, and hope services to Winnipeg’s impoverished and homeless.

Prizes ranged from gift cards to hockey tickets to a big screen TV and many of the items were donated by Payne’s customers and suppliers.  This year’s event raised $2500, bringing total donations to just over $7500 in the past three years. 

Tom Payne, President states “We believe in the positive results that come from being a good corporate citizen and supporting local charities is something we have always done and will continue to do”.

 The funds raised from this year’s gala will be presented to Siloam Mission later this week.Prize Auction table 2016

Payne Transportation LP Joins the Trucks for Change Network.

Payne Transportation LP is now a member of the Trucks for Change Network, a non-profit group of leading highway carriers from across Canada who actively support their communities with in-kind transportation services and charitable activities.

Tom Payne, President, states “As a leading carrier we have the assets and the means to provide a positive impact when it comes to “giving back”.  Whether we are supporting a local charity, volunteering or sponsoring an event, philanthropy in business has widespread value for our organization and our people well beyond the obvious benefit of supporting the charity.”

As a Trucks for Change Network member, Payne Transportation will be able to contribute by matching available truck capacity with the freight needs of charitable organizations ranging from Food Banks Canada, Habitat for Humanity Canada, Canadian Red Cross, and many others.  For more information about Trucks for Change Network visit


TRANSFLO have got you covered!

Payne Transportation LP has contracted with Pegasus/ TRANSFLO to get all of your documents in easier, faster and with more certainty than in the past.  We have all the options avaliable to our drivers; TRANSFLO Express and TRANSFLO Now!  What is the difference you ask? 

TRANSFLO Express allows you to have your documents scanned at 900+ truck stop locations throughout the country and get immediate confirmation that the documents have been sent.

TRANSFLO Now is a remote scanning application that offers the same timely delivery and accuracy as TRANSFLO Express while allowing drivers to scan and deliver documents at anytime, anywhere. With this in-cab scanning solution, documents can be scanned from the truck cab, home, office or any other location where the application has been downloaded and installed.

In addition, with both these options, you will be able to log onto the Internet and not only view your documents, but also see exactly when they were delivered to Payne Transportation LP.  This process is integrated with our billing and payroll systems, helping to ensure accurate, on-time settlement of your trips. 

The graphics below give you more detail on how to utilize the different services we’ve arranged for you.  Just click on the picture.



Congratulations Donald Simonson

Congratulations to Donald Simonson for 5 Years of Service.  Donald joined Payne Transportation in May 2006 as an owner operator with our Van Division.  Donald receiving his watch from Thomas McKee – Director of Driver Services.

New Computer System

As you may be aware, Payne changed computer systems from AS400 to TMW. The AS400 system was well past its prime and could not do a lot of the reporting that is required and was very cumbersome. For instance, for a new driver, their information was entered into 5 different computer programs. Now with TMW it will only need to be done once. TMW has better reporting capabilities and is much more user friendly. Having said that, there will be some changes that will affect you as a driver.

First, the ability to see the driver pay statements through our website is not currently available. We are working with TMW to have this ability available to you but cannot guarantee when this will be done. As a substitute, we again strongly encourage you to accept your pay statements by email.  You would receive your statements much sooner then through Canada Post.  If you would like to receive statements by email please see Pauline x-1411 with the e-mail address to send statements to. Old pay statements from the AS400 will still be accessible for a few months.

Second, you will now be paid by the trip number. In the former AS400 system the freight bill was your trip number and you weren’t paid for a trip until the order was delivered. With the new TMW system, the freight bill number is tied to the freight, the trip number is tied to your truck. When you fill out your log sheets or trip sheet, you will now be using the 4 digit trip number. On your trip sheet also note the freight bill numbers in the order number box. Freight bill numbers are usually 8 digits and start 0020####. For extra stops, it will have an AA or AB etc after the freight bill number.

Third, you may receive trip numbers for empty moves. This will happen whenever you deliver a load and then drop the trailer at a second place and pick up another trailer. For example, van trucks that deliver in Mildred Lake, drop the empty at All Weather in Edmonton and pickup another trailer. You will have a separate trip number for the move from Mildred Lake to Edmonton and then a new trip from Edmonton to destination. You should see this on your pay statement. Fourth, TMW utilizes PCMiler version 24. We are still paying practical mileage. Miles should closely resemble the previous version. Fifth, your pay statements will be easier to read. At the time of writing, the design of them has not been finalized but we have heard many suggestions over the years and will try to implement them.

Sixth, above we briefly touched on driver information. With the new system we’ll be able to do the ACE Manifests for customs crossings. Our old ACE system did not ask for expiry dates, TMW does. It will not allow us to complete your ACE if you have any expired identification (FAST card, passport, driver’s license) so please be sure to get your renewals in to us as soon as possible.

Finally, the new system has the capability to integrate more fully with the satellite system. The only problem is that we need your help to do this. Some drivers are great at sending in satellite messages. Some drivers have never sent a satellite message and always call their dispatcher. Please try and use the satellites. If every driver called their dispatcher, they wouldn’t have time for anything else. If you are having a problem, by all means pick up the phone and call dispatch. The more time dispatch is not on the phone, the more time they can look for better paying freight. Also, please try and use the canned messages – or macros. Don’t just send in a message saying “I’m loaded & rolling”.   Send in message # 1 the Loaded Call. The canned messages will prompt you for more information which dispatch can use. Please fill in as much information as possible. If you don’t have a card with the list of satellite macros and after hour cell phone numbers please check with Sheldon or Peter.

Dispatch has spent several months training on this new system. We don’t have it perfect yet. The one thing I can guarantee is that there will be some errors in dispatching or payroll. I strongly encourage you to go over your pay statements thoroughly when you receive them to see if we’ve under or over paid you for any trips. Please have patience with the dispatchers and with admin, we’ll get better in time with this system. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Payne recognized by DOW

We had the privilege to attend the DOW/Scheinder Logistics Core Carrier Conference in Chicago were we were presented with two certificates of recognition.  DOW maintains score cards on all their core carriers for on-time pick-up and deliveries and incident free which includes driver issues-claims etc.

Payne Transportation LP scored 100% for on-time p/u and deliveries and had 0% incidents.

Congrats to all drivers, Brian, Pat and their staff for job well done.

Joe Storozuk – V.P. – Business Development & Customer Service

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